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Automatic X-ray girth weld testing system

The system uses our own independent research and development of high precision motion control equipment TRIASSIC - w31 / w41, carrying high resolution imaging plate (the system supports multiple imaging plate), automatic acquisition of weld.
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The System composition:

1. Light source module 
2. Detector module 
3. Main scan module 
4. Digital Ray acquisition and analysis module 
5. Other accessories 

It is a digital ray real-time imaging detection system. The system is capable of double wall and center penetration detection of girth weld. Double wall penetration is suitable for 10"-56" diameter pipe girth weld detection; Center transmittance using crawler, suitable for 14"-56" diameter pipe.

1.Light source module

Central transillumination: EVO 300P/ERESCO Series/Crawler

Double-wall double-image : EVO 300DS/ERESCO Series


2.Detector module


Triassic - ADR will configure a variety of brand detector. VAREX, ATOM, etc. Different types of imaging boards can be matched according to user requirements. Commonly used imaging plates are shown below:


Imaging area:146×146mm; Pixel size:127μm



Imaging area :130×130mm; Pixel size:85μm



Imaging area :150×150mm; Pixel size:100μm


3. Scan module

The scan with Triassic series high precision motion control module. The error of one around the pipe (φ1422) is within ±10mm.


4. Digital Ray acquisition and analysis module

Triassic system motion control and data acquisition and analysis software for Triassic - ADR.



1. Light source software control;

2. Parameter Settings;

3. Image display;

4. Console information display;

5. File list;

6. Measuring and marking tool;


The advantages of ADR compared with film:
Reduce testing time by 50% or more to improve productivity;
Eliminating the use of X-ray film, chemical liquids and dark rooms;
Comply with all current pipeline X-ray inspection specifications;
It can be spliced into a single image, easy to analyze;
Real-time X-ray checking results, correcting welding process, avoiding more welding defects;
Digital storage and database management to eliminate long-term storage costs of film.

The system can realize wireless control and detection of pipe girth welds on land and sea. 
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