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Perfect solution for automatic ultrasonic testing of onshore and offshore pipeline girth welds
Full wireless data transmission
Support AUT+TUT and PAUT
No cable work
Powered by full lithium battery
Chinese and English software interface
Data server
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The fifth-generation automatic ultrasonic Testing system for girth welds of long-distance pipelines
Mesozoic products
Full wireless AI-innovative version
Perfect solution for automatic ultrasonic testing of onshore and offshore pipeline girth welds
Full wireless data transmission
Support AUT+TUT and PAUT
No cable work
Powered by full lithium battery
Chinese and English software interface
Data server, supporting remote multiple Point data analysis
Support Beidou positioning and GPS positioning
All-position automatic welding means that the pipe is fixed and the welding trolley rotates around the pipe to realize the welding of the pipe in all positions (flat, vertical, and upward). The welding process is controlled by a microcomputer and a mechanical system, with little human influence, and has the advantages of good weld quality and high welding efficiency (compared with manual arc welding, the welding efficiency can be increased by 2-5 times). At the same time, the automatic welding of pipelines puts forward higher requirements on the inspection technology: the inspection efficiency is also high, the inspection process and results are less artificially affected, and the inspection results are highly repeatable.
AUT is an inspection technology jointly carried out by phased array zone scan technique and TOFD. The discrimination height in the technique is generally 1-3mm, and each individual zone of the weld is inspected with a specific ultrasonic beam. The result is displayed by strip chart and B-scan view on computer.
According to the welding process, quickly set up the ultrasound parameters and produce the focus laws.
Using wireless control automatic scanner, fast scanning speed, less human interference
Quickly generate reports, including header information, data images and defect lists
Support FMC (full matrix collect) to improve defect detection accuracy
Quickly improve the welding process based on the inspected results and reduce weld rework
According to ECA (Engineering Critical Analysis Method) •According to ECA (Engineering Criticality Analysis Method), confirm whether the defects meet the requirements and improve the efficiency of the project
Real-time display of test results
Quickly confirm location and type of defect.
Computer-aided real-time data analysis
Construction in dry and hot desert zones
Construction in high altitude and cold areas
Wet and high salinity offshore pipe site
The TRIASSIC_AUT_V5 system is powered by a lithium battery and has no cable design. All operating functions and data transmission adopt wireless transmission. The system wirelessly supports long-distance transmission, anti-interference, continuous data transmission after a power failure, and distributed multi-unit combined control. The inspection and scanning device has no fetters of the main cable, which greatly improves the flexibility of the scanning device and provides new possibilities for the development of inspection and production methods with reduced dimensionality.
The motion control of the TRIASSIC_AUT_V5 system is divided into software control and hand controller control. The software control function is integrated in the main interface of data acquisition. The hand controller control also adopts wireless mode. Each system supports a maximum of 2 wireless hand controllers and supports at the same time. Equipment operators and software operators adjust the position of the equipment on the pipeline or calibration test block.
General-purpose ultrasonic phased array instruments that comply with international standards such as EN_12668 and BS7706;
Instruments used by major international AUT testing service contractors;
The equipment is compact, flexible, durable, and weighs <5 kg;
Fully enclosed high-performance ultrasonic unit, no external fan-unique air-cradle to maintain internal temperature;
With conventional ultrasound, phased array and FMC acquisition functions;
Easy to expand: Using unique MPL technology, up to 8 units can be connected to form up to 1024 phased array channels;
The highest driving voltage is up to 200V;
Dual-axis encoder input;
4 hardware gates;
High-speed data transmission 120MB/sec;
The probe disk can load a pair of TOFD probes and a pair of phased array probes at the same time for simultaneous detection of phased array and TOFD; the probe spacing adjustment device is locked on three sides of the probe disk, the selected material is not easy to rust, and the probe spacing can be fine-tuned. With the module expansion function, transverse crack detection and CRA detection (DNV certification) can be performed. Equipped with two front and rear water supply devices, which can realize the simultaneous operation of dual water pumps; at the same time, it has two water storage devices, which can be tested under working conditions without water pipes (patent pending).
TRIASSIC_AUT_V5 is based on the bionic structure design of the Mesozoic overlord Chinese pterosaur. The roots of the wings are equipped with two fully independent Swiss MAXON motors (produced by the same factory as the Mars Explorer drive motor). The double wingtips are equipped with AC bidirectional locking-single link double crank Structured 3D handle, powered by lithium battery (patent pending)
The water supply coupling system of TRIASSIC-AUT_V5 uses a 150W high-power water pump, and the water volume can be adjusted freely. The coupling system is equipped with a 25-meter automatic pipe collecting device. After the weld is detected, the pipe retractor will automatically retract the drawn water pipe to the inspection vehicle. Saved the time for on-site inspection personnel to collect and manage a large amount of time (patent application under protection)
The pipeline robot uses a titanium alloy running track, which has the advantages of high strength, low density, good mechanical properties, toughness and good corrosion resistance. It also adopts the industry's original diamond-shaped weight-reducing holes and high-precision cushion blocks, which are lighter and more accurate than traditional rails and applied to the scene, including a specially designed rail robot fall protection device (patent pending).
The software is developed based on 20 years (1999-2019) experience in fully automatic ultrasonic phased array inspection of long-distance pipelines. It complies with ASTM and DNV international standards; complies with CDP-G-OGP-OP-088-2019-2 .And GB/T 50818-2013 and other domestic standards. The system has passed CNPC's general process assessment and special process assessment. Software optional languages include English and Chinese. (Software copyright application under protection)
The software is mainly divided into four parts: start page, setting part, acquisition part and analysis part.
Including basic ultrasonic parameter setting, meter writing and encoder calibration and other functions. The encoder calibration function has two methods of scanning calibration and image calibration. The operator can choose different calibration methods according to their own habits.
The setting part includes channel selection, focus law modification, advanced ultrasound ,parameter setting, A-scan display, beam simulation and motion control functions.
This part has the following advantages:
The focus law can be modified quickly, and the position of the chip and the sound beam can be adjusted corresponding to A-scan Parameters such as angle and depth of focus;
With beam simulation function, the beam can be changed according to the change of the focus law;
With reflector position memory function and one key to reaching reflector position function;
There are three motion control methods, including remote hand controller control, keyboard direction key control ,system and software interface control.
The data collection part includes calibration and scanning functions, image display functions, basic defect analysis functions, automatic calibration functions, and data alignment functions.
This part has the following advantages:
The software includes A-scan display, strip chart display, B-scan display and TOFD display;
The calibration parameters and scanning parameters can be set separately
It can record the shape characteristics of the tube, even if the 0-bit mark is lost, the defect location can be determined (algorithm patent application is under protection);
It can be aligned with ADR data to facilitate defect comparison (algorithm patent application is under protection);
The software has an automatic calibration function, including gain calibration and delay calibration.
The data analysis part includes advanced defect analysis functions and reporting functions.
This part has the following advantages:
The advanced defect analysis function includes the definition of defect nature, calculation of defect depth and height
With defect marking function, marking order is optional, including marking by position or marking in sequence
The report contains images, header information and defect lists, and can be printed in PDF or paper version with one click
The image in the report is clear, and the defect indication is clearly visible.
The software has the INDEX Info function, which can record the weld name, position information, temperature, operator, welder and other information of each weld, and form a search topology map, which can be uploaded to TRIASSIC_APP in real-time for relevant personnel to browse (software Application for copyright protection);
The system supports the full-matrix collection, and the collected data can be reconstructed with 3D data using the full-focus algorithm (TFM);
The software and ultrasound system support the PAUT function, allowing for compliance PAUT testing
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